2015 Chapter Bylaws Amendment

The Silicon Valley Chapter Board of Directors has updated and approved the chapter's bylaws to improve and streamline the functionality of the chapter.

The proposed changes are, essentially:

  • To update the purposes of the Silicon Valley Chapter to bring them into alignment with those of the parent organization;
  • To reduce the number of voting members of the board from ten to nine, eliminating the Director-Certification position*;
  • To provide that the board President shall succeed from the position of President-Elect, with a process for appointing a board President should the President-Elect be unable to serve; and
  • To change slightly the process for board elections.


* Explanatory Note: The responsibilities of the defunct Director-Certification position will be incorporated into those of the Director-Professional Development position. The board reserves the right, pursuant to Article VIII, paragraph 2, to create a Committee Chair-Certification position in the future.

These changes were ratified by a majority vote of Chapter members casting ballots as of January 30, 2015.