Association Bylaws Amendments PASS

Update on ALA Bylaws AmendmentsAssociation of Legal Administrators

At the January meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board unanimously approved making two changes to the ALA Bylaws. As required by our Bylaws, those amendments needed to be ratified by a majority of the Chapter Presidents voting on the amendments. The Chapter Presidents voted on behalf of their Chapters.

The voting period for the Bylaws amendments ended on Friday, April 3. Eighty-eight Chapters voted, and nine abstained.

The results of the voting are as follows:

Changing the criteria for student membership: Passed
This amendment more clearly defines who is eligible for a student membership, in addition to setting limits on the number of years someone can be a student member. ALA members who qualify for student membership are Associate Members of the association.

Allowing legal consultants to be regular members of ALA: Passed
This amendment broadens our membership by opening up regular membership to individuals who a) would be membership eligible if they were paid by a firm instead of an outside party; or b) are leaders in the business of law and work side-by-side with administrators and partners to improve processes and governance in our firms (legal consultants). 

Read more about the changes here: