New Brand Name Recommendation Announced: LawVantage

The recommended new branding and name for ALA has been announced


Now more than ever, our name and brand can represent you as you truly are: executives and professionals within the legal management industry. The name LawVantage, and tag line "Your Business of Law Society", come from our strategic plan and the ongoing effort to reposition the organization, elevate our relevance and exemplify our value to members and the broader legal community. Our brand recommendation reflects the complicated roles that our members have in their law offices, and the modern solutions we strive to provide.

What does "LawVantage" mean?

  • "Law" reflects that we are an organization of legal professionals, encompassing legal management professionals, lawyers, consultants and other service providers who drive and impact the business of law.
  • "Vantage" suggests the many advantages that the organization provides to our members, their organizations and the industry as a whole.
  • "Vantage" also reflects the unique vantage point our members have across the firm or law department to leverage assets to improve performance and efficiency, increase profitability, and enhance client service.
  • In the tag line, "Your" personalizes the organization and builds a connection between the member and the organization. It also draws attention to the direct value the organization provides to you as a legal professional.
  • "Business of Law" is the business we are in and communicates the nature of the work our members do.
  • "Society" captures the essence of community and networking that are key features of the organizations. It also conveys a sense of professionalism and intellectual heft, reflecting the significance of your role in your legal organizations.

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