Proposal of "LawVantage" Withdrawn

Letter to Members from ALA Board of Directors
November 11, 2015 

The ALA Board of Directors met November 5-7, and we spent a significant amount of time discussing the rebrand initiative. Our goal for this meeting was to assess how the proposal aligned with the survey results and other feedback received through many different channels. Today we are sharing a summary of our decisions on this initiative. In the near future, we will provide more in-depth survey results and other information related to the initiative, as well as next steps the Board is planning for this work.

The Board unanimously agreed to withdraw the proposal of "LawVantage" as the new name of our organization at this time.

Since the proposal was presented on July 24, 2015, we have heard from you through:

  • 56 Chapter visits with ALA Board, Regional Representatives and ALA Executives
  • 268 unique posts made via the General Discussion forum of the Member Online Communities, with more than 6,000 views of those posts
  • Five town hall forums with more than 600 members at our Business of Law and Specialty Conferences
  • 2,890 members (31% of our membership) completing the online Rebrand Member Survey

The survey responses showed:

  • 53% of the respondents favor or are neutral regarding a name change,
  • 2,359 respondents (82%) are moderately or very opposed to the name LawVantage, and
  • 1,518 respondents (53%) oppose or are very opposed to the tagline, "Your business of law society."

In 2013, ALA embarked on an ambitious strategic plan to be known as the leader in the business of law. The Board is charged with making decisions and leading initiatives to execute this plan. An important component of that plan is determining how best to present a brand that embodies our current membership, yet appeals to future members in order to sustain our organization. Many prior boards have recognized the issues posed by the organization's name and worked to resolve it. We owe it to those leaders and to future boards to continue work toward a solution. 

With this in mind, we are committed to the following next steps:

  1. In the next 10-15 days, aggregated rebrand member survey results will be delivered to the membership, along with budgeted and incurred expenses for rebranding efforts over the last several years.
  2. Following the Board's January meeting, an updated action plan on how the Board intends to address the rebrand initiative will be delivered to you.

We are grateful to you for your membership, loyalty and insights. We look forward to continuing these conversations for the health and sustainability of our beloved organization. Working together, with great passion and mutual respect, we are confident that we can achieve our vision of being the undisputed leaders in the business of law.

Your 2015-2016 Board of Directors,

Teresa J. Walker
ALA President

James Cornell III
Region 4 Director

Laura J. Broomell, CLM

April Campbell, JD
Region 5 Director

Paula K. Barnes
Past President

Linda E. Quindt, CLM
Region 6 Director

Karen Glowacki
Region 1 Director

Katie Bryant, CLM
At-Large Director

Gary T. Swisher II, CLM
Region 2 Director

Mark Bridgeman, CLM
At-Large Director

Julie S. Logan, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Region 3 Director

Debra Lynn Elsbury, CLM
At-Large Director


Oliver P. Yandle, JD, CAE
Association Executive Director