2020 ALA Annual Conference

May 03, 2020
12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
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Salt Palace Convention Center

Salt Lake City, UT


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Sunday, May 3, to Wednesday, May 6

Salt Palace Convention Center


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Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Catherine Sanderson
    Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology)
    Amherst College

    Catherine’s talk “The Science of Happiness” presents both surprising and not-so-surprising information on the science behind happiness. What role do money, marriage, friends, children, weather, age, and religion play in making us feel happier? Is happiness stable over time? How can happiness be increased?

    Dr. Sanderson will describe cutting-edge research from the field of positive psychology on the factors that do (and do not) predict happiness and provide participants with practical (and relatively easy!) ways to increase their own psychological well-being.


  • Danelle Umstead
    Blind Professional Skier and Three-Time Paralympic Medalist

    In Danelle Umstead’s session "Living the Impossible", she shares her remarkable story of losing her vision, losing her mother, and discovering her life’s passion. Through skiing, she found healing, her husband, and lifetime of high-speed adventure.

    During her presentation, Umstead touches on overcoming adversity, teamwork, communication and elite performance, delivered with powerful storytelling.


  • Kevin Hines
    Brain Health Advocate and Storyteller

    Kevin Hines is an award-winning brain and mental health advocate, suicide prevention activist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, author, educator and speaker who reaches audiences all over the world with his story of unlikely survival and his strong will to live. Hines will share his process for wellness, resilience and recovery.

    You’ll come away with knowledge of how to build your own toolkit for maintaining their mental wellness, as well as the wellness of your colleagues and loved ones


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