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Business Partner Relations

The Chapter's business partner sponsorship program encourages and develops relationships between business partners and members about the valuable services and products dedicated to helping legal managers in their daily work.  The sponsorship program enables the Chapter to offer our members many benefits such as educational seminars, conference scholarships, and networking opportunities. 


The Certification Committee supports and promotes the ALA Certified Legal Manager (CLM)sm* program by assisting members in navigating the application and education requirements to earn a CLM designation or recertify. The Chairperson serves as spokesperson and coordinator for the CLM program and liaison with study group efforts.
*CLM is a service mark of the Association of Legal Administrators

Community Connection

The Community Connection Committee organizes opportunites for service to the community throughout the year and coordinates the Chapter's member-volunteers. The Committee chooses organizations to assist, prepares communications to Chapter members and others in the legal community regarding the event, provides notices to the press and print media, and coordinates volunteers.

'ALA developed this effort because it is an association that knows the importance of volunteerism; the ALA could not exist without the efforts of its volunteers.  There are many, many other charitable/non profit organizations, needy families, hospitals, animal shelters, etc. in each of our communities that also could not exist without the help of volunteers.  This effort intends to mobilize our professional community to do something in their own neighborhoods on behalf of the profession AND our organization.'  CCW 2000.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Chapter participates in and promotes activities which focus on law firm diversity and inclusion to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the differences among our workforce and to advance the concepts of inclusiveness and acceptance. 

Law Association Outreach

Like ALA, there are many other professional associations dedicated to legal industry. The Chapter strives to develop and maintain good relationships with and create visibility between ALASVC with other law-related professional associations.  Duties and responsibilities include providing awareness about the professional legal management profession and increasing the visibility of the Association of Legal Administrators to other law-related associations.

Member Outreach

The Chapter provides many opportunities for networking to discuss day-to-day challenges and unique issues with other legal management professionals. Often referred to as "therapy," the opportunity to exchange tips, practices, and wisdom with colleagues and business partners is highly valued and a tremendous benefit to help implement best practices back in our workplace.

Social Media Communications/Newsletter Editor

The ALA Silicon Valley Chapter shares information on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as publishes The Download, a periodic newsletter about ALA chapter and association-wide activities, news about business partners, and othre legal management-related information in the community.           

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee work with the Director-Professional Development to deliver high-quality educational programs for the chapter’s members in each of the five educational areas of knowledge as identified in ALA’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Survey, including, but not limited to determining subject matter, format, speaker, continuing education credit, location, announcement notice to members, catering, name tags, and evaluations.

Professional Legal Management Awareness / Annual Leadership Event

Each year, the Silicon Valley Chapter hosts an Annual Leadership Event to provide a forum to bring awareness to the legal management profession and to recognize all those in legal management leadership positions for what they do and the role they play in the success of the organization and in its service to its clients and those who work in the organization.

The objectives are (1) to provide awareness, understanding and education about the legal management profession, and (2) to increase knowledge of the diverse roles within the profession.

The goal is to communicate to stakeholders, and others, the importance and need for a professional management team in all facets of enterprise leadership.

Visibility / Chapter Achievements

The chapter proudly fulfills the Mission and Goals of the Association of Legal Administrators.  The ALA Awards Program, part of the Annual Educational Conference and Exposition, allows the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) the opportunity to honor the volunteer leaders and chapters who contribute so much to the Association.